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Road Network

Original Post by: AlessandroLuoni Wed Mar 13 12:15:45 2013


I included a shape file with the road network of a 30x30 Km area, inside the Culture Data of a CDB.

I just applied a 'code' attribute with 'AP030' value on all the lines.

I need to use this road network for the Stage's road following (ground navigation).

The trouble is that this road network doesn't work well: for example, I want that an entity could reach a target, but the entity can't calculate the route.

I read on the CDB Specification that the road network needs two attributes that identifies the junction between two roads: SJID (Starting Junction ID) and EJID (Ending Junction ID). Anybody knows if TerraVista could add these attributes during the build?



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Original Post by: crgchn Thu Mar 14 16:57:24 2013


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