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CDB Starter Kit

Original Post by: v.zubarev Wed Mar 26 17:22:33 2014

CDB Primer Presentation (coming soon) and Sample CDB (coming soon) are unavailable still

So, would you share the answer when, and can we share the DBs or layers here, maybe only among VARs. That's question goes from our clients a lot for CDB spec and roadmap, that's too expensive to financing one technological direction and switch later to other.

And as the one of the main questions from some our clients we tremendous "presale" is how to switch from MLT/FLT to CDB when the databases already are huge, manual method seems too hard with operational and economic criteria.

Thank you

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Original Post by: hermann Thu Mar 27 15:14:38 2014


As Presagis VAR, I encourage you to contact the Presagis sales team to get access to all the material needed to support your pre-sales activities. Some CDBs are available with Presagis products and you should not wait for the free sample we will provide for download.

As for migration of existing assets from OpenFlight and MetaFlight, we recognize the need and are working on documenting workflows. However, there will not be an automated progress as those database types are fundamentally different. Still, we plan to document a good process that will allow to recover most of the investment in existing DBs.



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