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LODs are not working CDB Output

Original Post by: ravi0292 Mon Oct 27 04:55:28 2014


LOD s are not working in CDB Output. We are folowing Presagis CDB document But not getting output. Is there any thing like adding special attributes to point vector are GT Features. If Terravista is not supported for additive LOD .Please Tell me the other way to get LODs.we are using TV-13 and CDB 3.0.

If Possible Please send me One Sample GT Model for CDB Output which is having LODs,DOF,Switch and lights working well in CDB output.



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Original Post by: ravi0292 Mon Oct 27 04:57:52 2014

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Original Post by: hermann Mon Oct 27 13:27:21 2014

Hi Vardhan,

Your questions should be sent to Terra Vista support ( since it relates to Terra Vista usage and not CDB specification.

As you know, CDB LODs for 3D models are supported on import via a single openflight file with LOD nodes. Upon publication, a single OpenFlight file will be generated for each LODs most of the time with Terra Vista. However, additive LOD on output (GS and GT) is supported by the CDB specifications (3.0 and later) as long as proper sig size is provided.

So, please contact support to get the specifics on Terra Vista CDB LOD output.



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