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Opening CDB Starter kit sample data with Thea

Original Post by: assaframan Thu Mar 5 13:01:31 2015


I downloaded the "CDB Starter kit download" from here:

I downloaded Thea Lite from here:

I didn't find any way to see the CDB database C:\Presagis\CDB\CDB_Camp_Pendleton_3_0 with Thea.

Thea seems to know how to open it.

Can anyone explain the steps needed to open the CDB database Camp Pendleton with Thea?


Original Post by: hermann Thu Mar 5 15:33:31 2015


You can use Thea to view the CDB using the following steps:

1 - Start Thea

2- Access the Application menu (top left globe symbol) and go to Thea Option. From there select CDB and enter the path of the CDB. That path should end by "Camp_Pendleton_3_0"

3 - Exit that menu. From the Application menu, Select "Open CDB".

4 - Using the navigation tab, enter coordinates on top of the database. You can use

Lat: 33.225

Lon: -117.40

Elev: 1300

Note that CDB support in Thea is minimal (some visual anomalies-missing textures) and lacks in performance. Thea is based on 5 years old version of Vega Prime which had limited CDB capabilities.

Recent version of Vega Prime will provide much higher quality (display more CDB features and resolution) and performance of the same database. I encourage you to request an evaluation license of Vega Prime to see the difference.



Original Post by: assaframan Thu Mar 5 16:53:43 2015

Thanks for the quick reply, your suggestion works for a short time, then a window titled "RDGE framework" crashes with "RDGE framework has stopped working" and Thea stops updating. This happens every time.

I am thinking of writing my own CDB renderer, but without any other CDB renderer to compare my results to - this may be a very hard task for me. :-(

As Vega Prime is very expansive and will only be used to view sample databases from time to time to verify my visuals, it will be impossible for me to buy it just for that use.

I wish Thea just work as expected, as it gives me a good and affordable way to view CDB databases.

1. Is there any way to get Thea to work smoothly with the CDB sample database?

2. If not - is there any free or very low cost viewer for CDB databases?



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