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Camp Pendleton 3.0

Original Post by: Tue Dec 22 17:19:44 2015


I'm using CDB API v3.2 and I have issue with the Imagery DataSet in the latest Camp Pendleton 3.0 CDB database ,there is black rectangle in the area of the detailed airfield (maybe seen also in the Global Mapper), however when I looking on this are using Presagis STAGE 14 it's presented correctly,could you please explain the phenomena does the CDB API supports the Camp Pendleton 3.0 ?


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Original Post by: hermann Fri Jul 8 13:40:56 2016


Sorry for missing this post for so long.

Can you specify the CDB file that is black when you open it in Global Mapper?

I do not suspect a CDB API issue but potentially a higher imagery LOD file that is not paged by STAGE due to your LOD settings.



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