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CDB Path Problems

Original Post by: RolandH Mon Jul 13 10:12:37 2009

I have experienced some problems when trying to open CDB db's in different places. So far I have only managed to get the API to open a CDB if it is on my local system and does not end with \\'s, e.g.

c:\\myCDB works

c:\\myCDB\\ does not work

Also I cannot get network CDB db's to work, e.g.

\\server\\myCDB does not work

\\server\\myCDB\\ does not work

mapped to T:

T: does not work

T:\\ does not work

The only network case I have managed to get to work is if I map a network drive to the directory below the network CDB dataset, e.g.


T: -> \\server\\dbs

and then try to connect to


the API then succeeds (although I have only tested this by mapping a drive to a locally created share).

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Original Post by: David.Nadeau Fri Jul 31 19:50:08 2009

Hi Roland,

Here is our evaluation of the problems you had with information on our plan.

cdbDB::Open fails if the supplied path ends with / or \.

cdbDB::Open(“c:\cdb”) :: success

cdbDB::Open(“c:\cdb\”) :: failure

The problem is confirmed and will be corrected.

cdbDB::Open fails if supplied a network path with a single directory level.

cdbDB::Open(“\\server\cdb”) :: failure

The problem is confirmed. No correction is planned at this time. To avoid the problem, introduce another directory level for network paths.

cdbDB::Open(“\\server\cdb\db”) :: success

This applies to mapped drives also.

S: \\server\cdb

cdbDB::Open(“s:”) :: failure

cdbDB::Open(“s:\db”) :: success

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