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Original Post by: ammvolz Wed Jan 20 17:23:06 2010

Currently I am testing the CDB api, but I have a problem. When I try to load a specific flt (like D500_S001_T001_EC030_025_Pine-Tree01.flt) I need the FSC code (in this case 025) but I look for it in the CDB.xml file, and I can not find it, of course I can find it in the Apendix N, but I would like to read it from a xml, or something like that. Could you tell me how the CDB.dll knows the FSC code?

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Original Post by: lagacemichel Fri Jan 22 14:22:59 2010

The CDB API does not validate the FSC code against the value of the FACC. Any value within the range 000 through 999 will be accepted, regardless of the FACC value. The CDB.xml file is internal to the CDB API operation and is not intended to describe the full structure and content of the CDB Specification.

Michel Lagacé

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