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Retrieving models from a CDB for a particular tile

Original Post by: Rushoth Fri May 13 10:10:45 2011


I am using the CDB API to fetch data from a CDB.

I am able to read the raster and vector data through the respective interfaces.

My question now is on the 3dModel interface.

For a given tile, if I have to find and extract all the 3D objects/models in that tile

How can I achieve this. Can someone provide some examples code snippets or direct me accordingly.

I have created a CDB with miltiple vector points in a tile and mapped all vector points to a tree (pointing to an openflight model), The openflight model for tree is located in CDB\GTModel.

Now using the API how do I find the 3d models that are placed in a particular tile.



Original Post by: David.Nadeau Fri May 20 17:07:18 2011

The sample code provided with the CDB API contains enough information to perform this task. Referring to the code from the sample cdb_search, the user should set the dataset code for the dataset he needs (in this case, 500 for GTModel) along with any other parameter he has (like the FACC code, FSC and model name). The rest of the parameters should be left as while cards as it is done in the sample. The methods cdbDB::FindFirst and cdbDB::FindNext will return the file parameters for the file(s) found in the CDB.

Original Post by: Rushoth Mon May 23 12:35:53 2011


Thanks for the reply.

First let me set the context for my problem to get an accurate answer for my question.

I have a scenery in CDB format ,developed by another team using TerraVista.

I am evaluating CDB API to develop a runtime data publisher for the CDB.

On request from a simulation client I have to retrieve the elevation and object (cultural) data

for a given lat/lon location. I am able to retrieve the elevation data using this interface,

Now without knowing the name of the cultural objects (FLT files) how to find what objects are placed in the respective tiles. Once I know their names or other attributes I can retrieve them using the 3dmodel interface.

My problem is how to find the information such as name, FACC code, FSC of the model corresponding to the vector feature (which i can read using the vector interface) ?

Can I find these details in the vectot attributes, I tried but could not get the name of the FLT file.

Hope I have stated my problem clearly.

Kindly suggest.

Original Post by: B. Leclerc Fri Jun 19 22:18:11 2015

Hi Rushoth, did you ever get an answer to your question?

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