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Link cdb.lib on Visual Studio 2012 VC++ x64 project.

Original Post by: giada.carlini Sat Oct 12 13:39:45 2013

Hi all,

I'd like to know if your cdb.lib library can be linked in a VC++ x64 project (Visual Studio 2012).

I want to propose the use of CDB which is a bit that I'm studing, but I can not ignore the 64-bit..

It seems that library is compatible only with 32 bit machine architecture.

I'm using cdb.lib API version 1.1. Is there an upgraded version can I use?

I'm making something wrong in my VC++ project settings?


Best regards


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Original Post by: hermann Tue Oct 15 11:58:39 2013

Hi Giada,

Unfortunately, the CDB API 1.1 is only available in 32bit. We are currently working on a version 2.0 of the CDB API which will support both 32bit and 64bit. This should be available early next year. The 2.0 release is planned to support VC9, VC10 and Linux gcc 4.4 at the moment.



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