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How to read a .nsf file.

Original Post by: singingsingh Fri Oct 18 16:58:03 2013

Hello friends,

I am required to read a .nsf file.

I found nsf.dll in cdb api bin folder and tried to read with it.

But was unable to read it.

Can any one give some pointer regarding reading a .nsf file.

Thanks in advance.

Original Post by: hermann Fri Oct 18 18:42:50 2013


The CDB API does not support reading files in NSF format. The DLL you see in the distribution of CDB API is used for network communication, not for NSF file access.

If you have NSF files to read, it is not a CDB. You must contact the data supplier in order to get information on the format.



Original Post by: singingsingh Sat Oct 19 05:38:22 2013

@Hermann: Thanks for the reply.

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