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How to configure .ini configuration files to let CDB to work

Original Post by: andreas Tue Jan 28 16:31:10 2014

Dear all,

I'm trying to configure VegaPrime environment to use CDB.

I have the DataBese Server in a windows machine and my Image Generation application is in an other windows machine.

My problem is to configure the rtp.ini, client.ini and converter.ini files properly in both machines.

I not even find a document which explains how to do that.

Any suggestions?


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Original Post by: hermann Tue Jan 28 19:45:48 2014

Hi Andreas,

As a Vega Prime customer, you have access to the product support team. Please contact them at and specify which version of VegaPrime you are using. They will help you.

Note that LynxPrime has a user interface (planet symbol) to start the Data server, RTP and client with some address and port configuration.



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