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CDB API 2.1 release

Original Post by: hermann Fri Jul 8 13:31:19 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

At Presagis, we are always working to provide you with the best possible tools and support, which is why we’re excited to inform you that the new CDB API is now available on the Presagis customer portal.

The New Features and Improvements in CDB API 2.1 include:

 Adding support for Visual Studio 2013 and GCC 4.8.2 build environments

 An additional sample application that demonstrates multiple CDB API calls and CDB concepts

 A new SLA that provides more freedom on CDB API usage

 Optimized small memory allocations in T3D

 Improved memory management for zip files

 Optimized CDB search

 Modified CdbDB to allow access of CDB data in the CDB version that contains Configuration.xml


CDB API 2.1 is now available for download from the Presagis Customer Portal. You can also download it from Presagis’ website through CDB API or CDB starter kit . Please read the “Release Notes” for further information.


The Presagis Team

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