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CDB 3.1 Addendum - NAV Dataset

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Thu May 28 11:39:31 2009

Please post your suggestions and recommendations for this addendum.

Original Post by: ccbrianf Mon Oct 19 15:05:40 2009

Disclaimer: I'm not very well versed in NAV data, and I know this is too late and possibly too large for 3.1 inclusion.

I don't see a way to define low-vis taxi routes as applicable to SMGCS in the NAV Dataset. Furthermore, some way to attribute airport lighting with SMGCS controllable segment information and correlate that to the low-vis taxi routes defined in the NAV data would be advisable for future CDB specification versions. I don't yet have a scheme to propose, but I would be happy to collaborate in the development of such. Thank you.

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Wed Oct 21 11:03:05 2009

We looked at adding SMGCS & ATGS control for inclusion into CDB 3.1. What we rapidly realized is that we didn't have enough knowledge to do it in a general manner which would benefit everyone. We then decided to wait for a future release and try to find peoples with more knowledge.

Based on this, we would be quite interested into your offer of help for the next version.

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