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CDB 3.1 Addendum - Attributions

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Thu May 28 11:40:27 2009

Please post your suggestions and recommendations for this addendum.

Original Post by: ccbrianf Thu May 28 19:29:58 2009

In response to "Update to Light Name Table", with respect to support of FAA level D airports, we would like to request clarifications, additions, and/or corrections for the following light types:


AC - FAA Advisory Circular AC 150-5340-30D

AIM - FAA Aeronautical Information Manual

As a general comment, we would like to distinguish between elevated and in pavement lights since their real world intensities, directionality, and sizes are appreciably different.

1. Runway guard (AC 4.4, AIM 2-1-10-d):

Taxiway\Runway_Guard 415

Taxiway\Guard\Type[1-4]_Light 418-422

It is unclear what distinguishes these types. They are all listed as omni-directional, non-flashing, white lights when they should be uni-directional, yellow, flashing lights.

2. Stop bar (AC 4.5.a)

Taxiway\Stop_bar_Light 416

These are red, not green lights.

3.) Taxiway Centerline (AC 4.3.b.1-3)

Taxiway\Centerline 406-408

Taxiway\Lead-on_Light 413

No yellow light types are available. Why have a lead-on type without a lead-off type?

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