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CDB 3.1 Addendum - Attributions

Original Post by: David.Nadeau Thu May 28 11:40:27 2009

Please post your suggestions and recommendations for this addendum.

Original Post by: RyanFranz Thu Dec 17 20:02:42 2009

One more question about the CDB 3.1 Draft. The vector attribute chart (Table 5-29 - Allocation of CDB Attributes to Dataset) shows that each GS feature dataset has a CEAI (and GEAI and VEAI) index, supposedly to refer to an extended attribute file. But the GS Feature Dataset table (Table 5-31) does not show an extended attribute file for environment and airport light points, and for moving model location features. This seems to be inconsistent with itself.

It would seem that CDB would need extended attributes for airport and environment lights, otherwise the preferred location of APID, RWID, LPH, etc would not exist. Similarly for moving model location features, the bounding box and attributes for load management are preferred to be in the extended attributes as well. I am guessing that this is just a small oversight in the draft spec, and a good time to make a small fix.

Original Post by: Nancie Fri Dec 18 07:26:54 2009

Designated with either a number or a number and letter. The number corresponds to the consecutive position.


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