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Searching for dataset 511 does not seem to work.

Using the CdbList sample, listing of 511_GTModelTextures does not seem to work. The Camp Pendleton sample contains several 511 textures, but these do not get found by the CdbList sample. Modifying the sample to search instead for 501 textures correctly lists the deprecated dataset.

I'm trying to use similar search functionality in my CDB implementation to pre-load global textures and I'm experiencing the same issue with not being able to iterate the 511 dataset CdbDB::findFirst/findNext.

These 511 textures appear to be runway textures. When viewing the Camp Pendleton terrain in the TerraVista 16 CdbViewer the runway appears all white. Maybe this bug is the reason?

Hi Mike,

Our Camp Pendleton sample database contains both GT texture datasets as you pointed out. The 511 dataset is the new CDB 3.2 (and OGC CDB 1.0) and stores the textured for the tiles 2D (runway as you point out) where the 501 contains all other GT textures. Your application would need to search both.

The search function should work on dataset 511. The fact that the Terra Vista 3D viewer and the CDB API do not seem to find those texture may point to a corrupted set of files. Can you ensure the CDB is correct (re-install) and that you do not have a CDB chain (configuration.xml or Version.xml) which may supersede those files?

Please confirm you are using a released version of the Camp Pendleton CDB (installer) and which version you are using.


Hi Hermann,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using Camp Pendleton version 3.0 installed using the installer downloaded from your website. I do not have a version chain. I have verified that the 511 .rgb files are not corrupt. I have also re-installed the terrain and it still does not work.

The issue should be easy for you to reproduce using the CdbList sample provided with the API. Just replace the list of datasets searched for with just a single 511 entry and compile and run it on the Camp Pendleton terrain. You will see that none of the 511 files are found.


around line 80 of CdbList.cxx

unsigned int wDataset[] =




Hi Mike,

Thank you for taking the time to validate your setup. We will start investigation and get back to you.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for the very late reply. We finally got down to investigate. The issue is that the sample Camp Pendleton CDB is wrong. The 511 textures files should have been in the 501 folder as per the CDB specification. Since this CDB publication, we fixed our Terra Vista publication tool but have not re-issued the sample CDB.

This explains the behavior. Our current client application are using the texture path reference in the OpenFlight model to find the texture. However, if you use the CDB API search function, it will search the correct folder (501) as per the specification and will not find it in the sample.

Conclusion, your implementation is correct and will work on a CDB that does not have this mistake.

We will log the defect on the free CDB sample. At the moment, there are no plans to re-issue it. However, any CDB published with a more recent TerraVista version will work fine.

Please let me know if my explanation is not clear.



Hi Herman,

Thanks for the reply Herman.

OK I see that what you describe is in the spec in the note at the end of section 3.4.2. Thanks for the explanation.

Best regards,


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