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Starter Kit


for a current project, I’d like to evaluate the CDB format and API. So I downloaded the starter kit.

Among other packages, I installed the terrain server. But I can’t figure what to do with this package. I can execute some of the programs. But it seems to me that it requieres a license to work. Am I wrong ?

It would be very helpfull for me to have some sort of viewer. Is it something I can find in the starter kit ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jean-Charles,

Unfortunately, there is no viewer in the CDB starter kit at the moment. Presagis has commercial products available to create, simulate and view in 3D a CDB terrain.

If you want to share your objective, we can recommend ways to achieve it.


Hello Herman,

Thanks for you answer.

On the project I'm working on, we need to develop a terrain viewer which should be able to handle CDB Terrain. I know already that I can use the API to read the terrain. But first I need to fully understand the structure and all the different kinds of data that we will need to render in the viewer.

Having a reference viewer would be very helpful to quickly get a better understanding of the terrain structure. The visual feedback you can get from this kind of tool would also save us a lot of time (otherwise spend reading the 1000p of specifications)

Also as we develop our software, having this kind of tool would permit to compare the rendering between the two softwares making sure we're taking the right direction and handle correctly the different kinds of data.

If this kind of tool is not available. I'm not sure how to adress the development of my viewer. What would you recommend ?




We fully understand your objective. As Presagis developed this expertise of adding CDB support to its existing applications, we are able to support you via our Vega Prime 3D viewer as well as consulting services to guide you toward an efficient implementation of the CDB standard. As you say, the specification is large and the availability of a mature CDB viewer as well as guidance will significantly reduce your implementation risk.


I will put you in touch with a Presagis representative to propose some options.




Ok Lee, thanks for your answer. I'd be interested by the price of this viewer. If you could pm me this information it would be great.



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