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tool or script to edit multiple flt files?

I admit it, I haven't really thought this through completely, so bear with me.

Ordinarily I would use Creator for all flt edits.

Once upon a time I used a tool from a different vendor that had a simple gui and rudimentary seach/edit functionality.  So you run the search, get a result back, and operate on the result.  If memory serves, edits included attribution, node renaming, removing, etc.  It was great for multiple file processing.

I would love to see this as a python tool, and I'm hopeful someone has already built something like it, either with a web interface or TKinter.

The idea is that queries & edits could be saved and applied to multiple files.

Example - 

Construct a query to search for polygons with a specific texture and shading combination, then check the parent and if all children match this constraint, remove it from the FLT file.

No question this is easily done via Creator. However, I have several hundred files to edit, and I believe I'm going to have to make several passes (because of changing requirements on my side).

I think search & modify capability is currently lacking in Attribute Search.  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though!



I don't disagree, having the tools to do anything means this sort of thing is possible via scripting.

I was looking for a shortcut.

There was a tool from MultiGen called SearchAct that did kinda what you describe but it did not have a GUI, rather a command line interface. OpenFlight Script was intended to replace this tool lock-stock-and-barrel.The idea is that by giving you a scripting language with which you can do anything, there is no need to build another tool on top of OpenFlight Script. Perhaps others have build a "framework" to get a "search" and "action" type of language built on top of OpenFlight Script but, again, with OpenFlight Script, you have everything you should need.

If you could describe what you are looking for, we could certainly help you write it up.

So let us know what you want to do and we can help you do it ;-)


That's it, same tool name, simple (think tkinter) GUI. I've got some code running in a tkinter window but that application doesn't suit for simple edits.

 I'll give it some more thought.  


One thing that (by itself) OpenFlight Script is not good at is GUI. Tkinter or some other UI builder is needed if you have to stay in OpenFlight Script Land. For tools with GUIs, we still recommend the C-language API to build a proper plugin with all the GUI you need. OpenFlight Script is designed to make quick and dirty tools fast, not to design full blown GUI tools.


I'd settle for quick n dirty (and fast)


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