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Trajectory file format


I think a CDB terrain can have moving models. I'm wondering how the movement of these models are defined.

I've searched through the specifications. It's easy to find information about the CAO but I couldn't find anything related to the trajectory itself.

Is there a trajectory file associated to a moving model somewhere in the CDB directory structure ? If so where can I find more information about it ?

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Models that move in a CDB environment require some type of external server to control their position and velocity and direction. Typically, this is some type of host or scenario system, and lives outside the CDB itself. In this case, the movement or flight dynamics of the model would be controlled by this scenario system as well. There are systems out there that allow some models to be placed on scripted paths, and also allow computer or human control of other models.

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Ok. Thank you for this very informative answer Ryan. 

If anyone knows about examples and documentations related to this point, let me know, I'd be very interested.

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