VAPS XT 4.2, UA Accelerator 3.0 and UA Emulator 3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of  VAPS XT 4.2, UA Accelerator 3.0 and UA Emulator 3.0.


VAPS XT 4.2 is a major release providing new video support and font management capabilities as well as other functionality so developers can efficiently create more modern and advanced user interfaces with less risk.


In addition, we want to continue to strengthen our product offer for the ARINC 661 development market with the release of new versions of UA Accelerator and UA Emulator. These products are an integral part of EG’s ARINC 661 Development Suite providing a complete ARINC 661 systems development environment for UA and CDS development.


Customers on maintenance can find the new versions on the Customer Portal for download.


Please contact if you have questions or require more information.

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