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mgExportDB Not Working?

I am trying to export my db to OpenFlight 15.7 but no matter what it always comes out as 16.6.

I am using API 16.0.1.

mgExportDB(db, argv[1], MEFN_OPENFLIGHT, MEFV_1570, MG_NULL);

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The API 16.0.1 patch should work ok. One of the bugs it fixed was precisely this one. 

If your code is in a stand-alone program, make sure that it is built with 16.0.1 in Visual Studio and that your program "finds" the 16.0.1 DLLs correctly at runtime. I suspect, for whatever reason, your program is still finding the OFAPI 16 DLLs. When your program calls mgInit, the runtime version of the OFAPI will be displayed. Make sure it says 16.0.1 (or greater). If it does not, please check the FAQ in the OpenFlight API Reference:
When I run my stand-alone application, the wrong version of the OpenFlight API runs. Why?

If you have further questions, let us know.

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