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Sample OpenFlight database

 Hello OpenFlight API developers.

I am writing import/export functionality into our application, and am looking for a sample OpenFlight database that contains all of the nodes types

including the common ones (fltPoint, fltPolygon, fltVertex, fltHeader, fltGroup), and those that do not appear in the samples provided with the API toolkit

( fltLod, fltDof, fltSwitch, fltXref, fltObject, fltText, fltLightPoint, fltCat, fltSound, fltLightSource, fltRoad, fltPath, fltClip, fltBsp:, fltGrid, fltHelper,

fltTorsion, fltSurface ,fltLightPointSystem, fltCurve, fltMesh)

Having this type of database would allow me to fully test the import functionality.

It would be helpful to access a sample databases with at a subset of these nodes types.

Thanks in advance

Note that you could also easily create such a sample database using the OpenFlight API.


Simply create a db (using mgNewDb) and then create and attach each of the node types you want (fltLod, fltDof, etc) using mgNewRec and mgAttach/mgAppend/mgInsert, respectively. This way you could make exactly the sample file you want.

And don't forget to save and close the file ;-)

Thank you Steve. I had thought of that, but was looking for an easier, quicker way.

I have also searched the internet as well, and did'nt find any complex databases.

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