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Units for values on mgMeshSetVtxCoord()

 What are the units for the x,y,z values in the API function call

mgbool mgMeshSetVtxCoord (mgrec*rec,
doublez )

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The units are "database units". In OpenFlight the database header node defines the units for all vertices and coordinates contained in any node in the database. This is called "database units" and is specified on the fltHeader node using the fltHdrUnits attribute.

The possible values for fltHdrUnits attribute are:

0 = Meters  

1 = Kilometers

4 = Feet

5 = Inches

8 = Nautical miles

So if the database is "Meters" the units of the x,y,z values you pass to mgMeshSetVtxCoord are meters. 

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