VAPS XT 4.2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce VAPS XT 4.2.1 release.

This minor release provides several enhancements and new features as well as it resolves issues found by Presagis and reported by customers. These are applicable to both ARINC 661 and non-ARINC 661 projects.

General enhancements

  • Fonts
    • Raster font binary format now supports three user-data sections: Default size, Description, and Notice.
    • Sans, Serif, and Mono raster fonts now include characters as per the A661 Character Set Extensions.
    • Raster and vector fonts now support a default point size.
  • ReplicateGroup
    • A new container object that creates runtime copies of all its descendants.
  • MathWorks’ Simulink/MATLAB support
    • Supports integration with MATLAB/Simulink versions 8.5.0 32-bit (R2015ax32) and 9.4.0 64-bit (R2018ax64).
  • Video Objects
    • New command line options for video decoder supporting setting of frame rate and forcing use of decoder.
    • Prevention of video tearing due to hardware performance issues.
    • Enabling and disabling the ChromaKey support in the editor.
    • Performance improvement for specific GPU and driver combinations.
  • Visual Studio Runtime Libraries
    • MD libraries provided.
    • Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 libraries provided

ARINC 661 enhancements

  • A661_GestureAreaEventId
    • Updated to reflect changes to standard ARINC 661 Supplement 7.
  • CDS Notifications
    • Support of A661_CYCLIC_ACTIVATION and A661_NOTE_CONNECTOR_DATA notifications.
  • Customer Layer Requests and Layer Notifications
    • Support for processing custom Layer Requests and generating custom Layer Notifications.
  • Data Connector Widget
    • DataConnector widget is now provided in the A661 Standard Elements.

Customer Reported Issues

Multiple customer reported issues have been resolved in this release; see the Release Notes for more details.

Customers on maintenance can find the new versions on the Customer Portal for download.

Please contact if you have questions or require more information.

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