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getting switch nodes (children)?

How do I inventory a FLT file for switches, and export a file for each node child?

I only see docs (samples) for creating a switch from scratch.

I'm interested in building a script to process files external from Creator.

Am digging through the API docs.

Pointers gratefully accepted.


Oh - LOL.  Sorry!  But still thanks ;)


Hope you don't mind me jumping into this.  I am also trying to convert FLT files to OBJ for importing into Unity.  Did you find out how to do this?



Hi Rob,

I got some help from the Presagis team with a script that I tweaked to get it to do what I wanted.

A summary:

1. Clone the FLT source file

2. Replace textures with PNG format files

3. Save all switches into their own file; I put them into a subfolder 'switches' 

4. Run the script to process each switch FLT; each option becomes a file, it doesn't manage masks.  The output name is based on the parent switch file.

5. Re-open all option files; export to OBJ

A python script renames the OBJ materials to make it easier to identify them in Blender; MAT00 is pretty meaningless, but VegTreewall_00 is pretty clear!

I also wrote a python script that recombines the various switch OBJ files based on data from our scenario file; only the required options get re-combined (imported) into a single FLT.  This file is re-exported to OBJ, suitable for Blender.  Then exported to DAE.  Our developer had some issues with the OBJ but was able to use the collada file.

There are some issues with transparencies - those materials need to get tweaked in blender (re-assign transparency).

Unity screencaps of results attached.

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