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Phase delay for T3dLightPoint

There would seem to be a deficiency in the CDB specification in that it is not possible to define sequenced flashers within an OpenFlight model as there is no way to specify a phase offset for a flashing light. This is only possible when light points are added as point features using the LPH attribute.

OpenFlight has an entry in the light point palette for phase delay. Can I request that the CDB API be modified to allow access to that entry. e.g by adding a getPhaseDelay() member to the T3dLightPoint class. This should be an easy change and make it much simpler add things like sequenced flashers. 

I agree with the general philosophy that light attributes should be defined by the light type - but this surely has to be an exception?

I see there was some discussion about this over 9 years ago (, but nothing seems to have been done about it and the problem is still there.



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