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T2DGeometryModel issue in CDB API 2.2

There is a bug in CDB API 2.2 (28_2) support for T2DGeometryModel.


The API open T2DGeometryModel as Vector File, both in CDB API _2.1 (24_4), both enable loading of T2DGeometryModel tiles in CDB_Yemen_3_2 repository, but in  Camp_Pendleton_3_0 version 2.2 (28_2) cause access violation –

Exception thrown at 0x0000000013170E91 (CeeFlt_ms140_64_v28_2_r.dll)

Hi Andrey,

We have reproduced the problem and it looks like an issue in the FLT file itself that the CDB API is sensitive to. I recommend you test your T2D dataset support using the Yemen CDB for now. We are working on a new version of the Camp Pendleton CDB and this new version (still internal) does not have the problem.



Hi Herm,

I'm using not only the Presagis CDB Yemen and Camp Pendleton,so this crash may happen in other CDB databases ,the CDB API should not crash ,please fix the reported bug.



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