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3D Models Hierarchy Structure

Hi, sorry if I had posted this question on the wrong topic. I got a question while building the numbers of nodes like group and object nodes in Creator. Is there an advised maximum number of nodes used per model? Does the number of group/ object nodes contribute to the additional processing speed/ time of the simulation system during gameplay?

Also, is there any clear rules on which type of nodes should start or end? Should the DOF nodes be always on top of the LOD nodes if that part of the models need to be articulated?

Hi Eric,

I presume you are asking about CDB compliant models. Note that you have validators in Creator helping you to check you rmodel for CDB compliance.

To answer some of your questions, there is no limits on group/object nodes in CDB, The constraint is on vertex based on LODs.

I am not sure to understand your question about node start and end. As for DOF, there is no rule about DOF and LOD. In some cases, you would have a DOF above LOD nodes with the DOF is common to multiple LODs. In order cases, the DOF could be under the LOD node as it may be present in fine LOD but not in coarse. As such, there are no rules about it.


Thanks Herman,

How or where can I access the Creator's validators? Specailly for the older version of creators.

When you talk about vertex bases on LODs, do you mean the polygon/ faces/ tri count?

So there isn't really a best practice in building a model's hierarchy structure as long as the structure is build logically to that specific model when running in the game engine.

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