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CDB dataset 309

I have a problem with CDB dataset 309 (geo specific composite material table).

When I use the API (2.8) to open the container file (since xml files are stored in zipped file), the API will fail, the return type of the result CdbFile is descriptive instead of container (“eDescriptive”/” eContainer”). If I ignore the type, and attempt to use the result CdbFile as container (using CdbFile create file method, like any other container), the method returns null, although the file exists in the container.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Andrey,

Interesting.... Investigating the specification document, it seems that OGC CDB 1.1 moved the dataset 309 to be a zip. Prior to this, it was a descriptive dataset (xml). I am raising the question to OGC CDB SWG for clarification.

Do you have a CDB published with zip files for this dataset?

If it turns out that the CDB API has a wrong implementation of this dataset, we will be in a position to provide a configuration file to override the default behavior on this dataset (without waiting for a binary patch). Still, I need an official position from the OGC SWG on the matter prior to going down this route.


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