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Raster Material Dataset - CDB

I'm been trying to find out how to generate the material classification in TV to output in CDB. I think I manage to generate both material raster imagery and vector material files. However, I am unable to confirm if its output correct into the CDB folders. 

If I understand correctly and setup my TV to output the Sensor Texture. I could have a 005 RMTexture folder in my CDB/ Tiles folders that going to be used for Sensor detection right?

Yes that's correct. If you have successfully published raster material you will have 005_RMTexture and 006_RMDescriptor datasets

I am unsure what I did wrong as I been trying to output raster material to CBD.

My SetUp-

.Import the rasted material files into the Data Sources -> Geospecifi Sensor Textures. ( After generating the raster material from 'Raster from Imagery' ) ( Rasted material files checkbox checked )

.Output Configurations ->Commonn Database->CDB->Darasets-> only Raster Material check box is checked as I only want to output the RM texture.

I output this into a new CBD output path and it only created some files like the Metadata folder but no RMTexture or the RMDescriptor. What am I missing here?

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