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CDB runway lights user control ?

Are there any attributes that I can include in the runway light points before generating it to CDB with terra vista? So that the user have more control over the lights. Example on/off a particulate light type in that runway?

Runway light control is by APID RWID and LTYP, So no I'm afraid you cannot extend the attribution beyond the CDB spec

Thanks. So am I right to say that RWID / runway id is the number marking on the runways? what about the TXID. How do I define that taxiway ID?

Yes RWID is the number on the runway, something like 12L. I don't believe we support TXID

This is confusing... In the OGC CDB document, a list of CDB attributes was allocated. In the list for Airport Light points, they included APID, RWID and TXID among other attributes that can be used. If Terra Vista does not support the output for TXID or any other attributes that are needed for a project. How do 1 get around this?

Is it possible to add a tag to a set of lights to output to CDB?

TXID is related to  taxiways not runway lights. I'm not exactly sure what its intended use is, possibly SMCGS and no I don't believe you can arbitrarily add a tag to lights. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I was approached with the question on how are we able to control each of the individual runways likes if the user wishes to do so. Example if the user wishes to have a particular airport's runway approaching lights to be off or on for some reason. How are they able to control that group of lights maybe in vega prime?


APID identifies the airport, RWID identifies the runway and LTYP identifies the particular light, this allows you to control say the approach lights on a particular runway of a particular airport. Therefore you can write an application using Vega Prime which allows you to control the airport lighting, remember Vega Prime is not an IG its a visualization toolkit 

Sorry, I'm not very familiar with the other software tools. So basically the 3 attributes should be enough for controlling the lights. Even for an IG?

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