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strobe lights

How do I set lights to strobe in sequence? I have seen in assets the folder for Light Sequence, but what I want to know is how to get the actual lights to flash in order.

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Not sure if you're having trouble in Creator, in an OpenFlight script, or in your runtime app, but I'll take a stab.

In Creator: 

Set up a new animation in your light palette, call it something like "SequencedLights"

On the Vega Prime tab, select an Animation Type (pull down) of Sequence

Set the Rate to the number of times the whole string should complete its sequence per second.  For a standard Running Rabbit at an airfield, this would be twice a second, or 2.0 Hz.


Make sure your string is modeled front to back, every once in a while the Runway Wizard using DAFIF i find that the rabbits are modeled backwards, going away from the approach end of the runway.  I simply rotate about the default origin 180 degrees and run a tool to reverse the normals. I wrote a script only because i'm too lazy to select the light string, select children to get the verts, then type in or remove the minus signs to reverse them.  Then i realized, if you go to the Mod Face toolbox, select the Reverse Face tool, it does exactly that for you.

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