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input needed for moving a bunch of models to 0 0 0

ok, i was trying to figure out in my head how to make this process come together.

I have a master.flt from tera vista, I have built my footprints on top of the terrain skin, where it is in the world. I have the footprints all separated out into group beads that are name  bldg1,bldg2 etc...

So I dont really ever use our vital tools unless Im building a moving model. I was searching around the menus and found an export shapefile. selecting everything under  a group will export the whole lot of the models as points,polys, whatever. Selecting one group bead at a time will give you the option to export the shapefile with a name.

There is also an average vertex tool in the vital tools menu. with one group bead selected, it will give you a construction vert. 

So what I what I want to try to do is

*go through the object beads 

*run the average vertex tool to get a construction point(maybe even a lightpoint), something that can take on a name).

*export each point out as a shapefile using the name of the group bead


*translate the group bead from the point created earlier to 0,0,0

*save .flt as name of group bead.

hopefully I explained it well enough. I figure there would be an issue with getting into the vital tools through the APi.

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