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possible script help needed.

When i was first tasked with this, I thought it would be easy peasy. Turns out, a previous script is not going to work for me.

So, we are about to need a script to run through a set of models, create a footprint, make basement from footprint, texture it.

This sounded easy at first until the models we are outputting wont have a footprint in them.

ideas I have on how to do it....

grab all edges/verts along the 0,0,0, select close holes, use skirt to extrude.

* testing this didn't work well manually in creator. bulldings that had other structures with it, would only create a polygon using close holes on one set of edges. ignores the others. and one building tested wouldnt even create the polygon at all.

anyway, just looking for input/help with this. I have until thursday to confirm I can get something to work..

we actually have a script that I might be able to grab a few pieces to do this. 

Hi John,

Could it be that you meant to write this into the Creator forum or OpenFlight API one instead of the CDB API forum. If you do instead mean CDB API, please provide more context as CDB does not deal with geometry specifically but uses OpenFlight for those.

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