VAPS XT 5.0, UA Accelerator 5.0 & UA Emulator 5.0 Released

The Embedded Graphics team is pleased to announce that new versions of VAPS XT, UA Accelerator and UA Emulator 5.0 are now available via the Downloads page of the portal.

What’s New in VAPS XT 5.0?

Updates to VAPS XT 5.0 continue themes initiated in recent new versions such as:

  • Use of video in embedded applications
  • Editor workflow and usability improvements
  • Embedded systems resource file management is supported for deployed platforms. Extensive use of data driven resources allows systems to be updated without the need for code updates.
  • Enhanced binary font management tools to support additional options.

ARINC 661 Development Tools

In addition, the Embedded Graphics (EG) team continues to strengthen its product offer for the ARINC 661 development market with the release of the 5.0 versions of UA Accelerator and UA Emulator. These products are an integral part of EG’s ARINC 661 Development Suite providing a complete ARINC 661 systems development environment for User Applications (UA) and Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) development.

Latest versions of the tools incorporate many new features and capabilities, offering amongst others:

  • Improved performance in deployed ARINC 661 CDS and in automatically generated code:
  • Multi-user support in deployed systems:
  • Resource file configuration of certifiable systems

Customers on maintenance have received an email notification advising them of the availability of the new versions, including a link to the Customer Portal where they can download them. Value Added Resellers have also been notified of this new release.

Read the press release on our website for more details.

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