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xref documentation

My morning post or attempt at same dealing with issues I am having with fltXref seems to have gone missing, hopefully it lands soon.

In the meantime, in desperation, I've gone searching through the forum and I come upon this helpful nugget at:

which says:


mgSetAttList(xRef, fltXrefFilename, "E:/db/externalref.flt")


Contrast that with the Suite 22 API reference:

mgSetAttList (xRef, "c:/MyDatabases/xRef.flt")

No wonder it wasn't working!!  I add the relevant parameter to my code and it no longer errors out.  The script still does nothing, as detailed in my other post to this forum.

This is probably obvious to folks who code, but the error message was a tad obtuse for me:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "", line 143, in <module>


  File "", line 125, in main

    mgSetAttList(xRef, "./res_90.flt")

TypeError: in method 'mgSetAttList', argument attrCode of type 'int'



Wow, that is odd. Good find!

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And I'm off to the races!  I can finally make xrefs and plug in various attributes as needed to make some progress on my project.


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