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Are there any plans to make OpenFlight API support any version of Python 3?


We have a series of standalone scripts using the OpenFlight API with python (currently using a pre-22 API). We use those scripts to perform various modifications and extractions to models before using them into our application. We are hanging on Python 2.7 only because the OpenFlight API requires Python 2.7.

We were eager to try and update to the version 22.0 of the OpenFlight API in the hopes we could finally get rid of a deprecated dependency.

Then through testing I realized that the OpenFlight API only supports python 3.7, which has also reached its end-of-life according to

Are there any plans to bring more compatibility in the API w.r.t. the supported python versions? Are there known workarounds that would allow me to not have to support 2 versions of python on our dev workstations?


-- Alexandre
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