Presagis offers courses on most of its product.

  • We can give training courses at your location


  • You can come to Presagis for your training



  • Customers with maintenance have access to the Self-Paced Training section





Maximize your organization’s investment in the Presagis COTS software and become more proficient at using our tools in development of your applications.

Presagis Training allows our users to learn how to better use and manage the advanced features and capabilities of Presagis off-the-shelf software resulting in improved efficiency and increased productivity for your organization.


Our Training courses are developed by Presagis software experts and our enthusiastic trainers are skilled at helping participants understand, absorb and retain knowledge.


The course content is continually updated to reflect the latest developments in Presagis technology and uses a combination of interactive instruction, hands-on lab work and quizzes to make sure that each session delivers lasting impact.